Isn’t she cute? But, will any of us wear any dress like this? SAVE PAPER!





18 thoughts on “PAPER.

  1. Shilpa Garg says:

    Which place is this? very interesting! Looks like there are paper roses on her dress… awesome pic for the theme 🙂

  2. jyothinj says:

    Lovely idea for this theme. Paper everywhere. 🙂

  3. pixie says:

    awesome pic for the theme! but, I’m not sure I would want to wear a dress made out of paper!! 😀

  4. Meena menon says:

    Such a colossal waste of paper

  5. Smita says:

    Lol! quite innovative!

  6. 1hundredworks says:

    I’ve seen quite a few of these in nearby malls.some of them look good, others look like a homeless supermodel! Good one for the cue.

    Akhil Kalsh.

  7. afshan18 says:

    such a sexy maneqquin 😛
    Where is it ?

  8. […] different varieties of paper this morning, newspapers, magazines, cats reading articles about cats, ladies dressed in paper and what not! My own imagination drifted to the first thing I ever did when I learned that paper […]

  9. Meena menon says:

    A mannequin am guessing n pls don’t tell me theme was save tree day or something

  10. pinksocks says:

    A little distasteful but very interesting 🙂

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